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Glitter-arty receives a high volume of enquiries each month from Charities and organisations requesting donations through services provided at events.

As a business organisation Glitter-Arty have committed to supporting three charities maximum per annum by providing volunteers at events. We can accept bids for this in January and September of each year only.

We can work with charities on the following basis:


  • Charities can book us for a minimum of 2 hrs fee which includes travel expenses - 10% of event cost donated

  • You can charge the public for every face painted (pay-per-face). The minimum price per face recommended is £4.00

  • As an approximate guide, each artist can paint up to 15 faces per hour (not including full faces)

  • On this basis costs paid for an artist can be recovered by attendees


Glitter-Arty is not responsible if the take up for the face painting is low due to low footfall. The fee agreed in advance will remain payable.

If after the agreed booking time an extension is required due to a high volume of attendees at the event, normal prices will apply. Charges from the pay-per-face will become immediately and directly payable to the attending artist. Artist availability and costs must be agreed prior to the end of the 2-hour charitable booking.

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