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Our Artists take exceptional care of their materials to ensure they are cleaned, sanitised and beautifully arranged for your event.

To ensure high quality and standards are maintained and in light of the pandemic, our Artists have been taking additional precautions throughout the duration of events to keep everyone safe.


  • Brushes and sponges are all machine washed at high temperatures in between events.


  • Artists lightly face paints with isopropanol solution (70% alcohol) after each face painted to avoid any cross contamination and ensure any trace of virus or bacteria that may be present is eliminated.


  • All application brushes are washed in water and then submerged in an isopropanol solution (70% alcohol) in between clients. Application sponges are changed between clients.


  • Water bowls and containers used are cleaned and rinsed regularly with isopropanol solution (70% alcohol).

All makeup and cosmetic glitters used are of the highest standard, quality and EU & FDA approved.

All face paints, makeup and cosmetics are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


We are committed to the environment and sustainability. All of our Eco - glitters are eco-friendly, biodegradable, ethically sourced plant cellulose and are proven to biodegrade safely and quickly in a natural environment, turning to substances that are harmless. The glitters are suspended in a natural base.  A small amount of our glitter products goes a long way and therefore only minimal amounts are used.

Due to the suspension of the glitter, there is little to no fall out of glitter on the floor or on any clothing. Glitter is only applied to the design and can easily be wiped off at the same time as the makeup and face paints which is better for you, your clothes and the environment.




We have answered some of our most commonly asked questions below.  If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

  • Our minimum booking period is two hours per artist. 


  • 1 artist is able to paint approximately 14 faces per hour, depending on the complexity of the design allowing approximately 3-4 minutes per face.

  • Glitter-Arty will work with you to bring your themes and ideas to life. If you need a little inspiration please ask, we are here to make your event as exciting and beautiful as possible. 

  • It is possible to deliver 18 faces per hour with simplified designs – this will usually be a small design that is created in 2 minutes or under.

  • We calculate our time booked with you based on the complexity and number of faces that can be painted for the duration of the booking.


  • To avoid any disappointment and delays on the day, we recommend planning for the maximum number of guests that may want to have their faces painted, including any event organisers, and other artists and allowing for a few additional faces.


  • Set up and pack down is approx. 15 minutes and is not included in the booking time. Artists arrival time will therefore be prior to the start time. For larger venues and events with several Artists, a longer set-up time will be required and this will be agreed in advance through our planning communications with you.


  • Arrivals of more than 1 hour in advance of the start time can be arranged but will attract an additional standby fee.


  • Please inform us in advance if there are any access issues, paid parking, or parking restrictions at the venue or if there are any special directions or instructions that our Artists should be aware of.


  • Equipment including a gazebo, tables, chairs, glitter tablecloths, backdrops and mirrors can be provided by Glitter-Arty if required. These will require transportation and the ability to park for the duration of the event nearby and this will be reflected in the quote. For events accessible by public transport, in Central London or City centre locations, with a smaller setup, we can inform you if we require tables & chairs to be provided. Please get in touch to discuss the logistics of your event.

  • If you require your booking to be monetised this is possible by prior arrangement.


  • Please ensure a well-lit area is available for our Artists to work, especially if your event is at night. We can supply appropriate lighting if advance notice is given.


  • If your event is outdoors, please ensure there is a covered area for our Artists to work under.

  • We understand everyone has different budgets for their events and that the costs can easily add up so we are able to offer a range of packages to suit most budgets. Please get in touch. 

  • Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.  Please ask us about our eco-glitter bar hire.

  • We provide public liability insurance method statements and advance risk assessment documents with contingency plans where necessary.

  • We assign a dedicated Coordinator who will attend event bookings with 4 or more artists. This will ensure high standards are maintained, health & safety compliance is effective and queues and client expectations are managed properly with waiting times kept to a minimum.

  • Glitter-Arty is an inclusive company and works positively to bring a little sparkle to everyone.



  • Our Public Liability Insurance does NOT cover us to face paint any child under 3 years old. At the discretion of the parent, we can paint a small design on the arm of a child aged 2 to 3 years old.


  • Artists will presume that any children under 16 in attendance who asks or queue to be painted will have the express permission and consent from the parent, event organiser, host or supervising adult unless otherwise specified.

  • Artists use only the best quality FDA & EU approved makeup and face paints. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that the paint, glitters and makeup applied by our Artists will not cause a reaction or irritation to the skin or eyes. If you agree to us applying our products, you do so at your own risk.


  • In the unlikely event of a skin reaction such as itching, swelling or discomfort face paint should be washed off immediately with water and a soft cloth. We do not advise the use of soap or baby wipes as this may aggravate the skin further.


  • Face paints are easily removed with a face cloth and warm, soapy water. Some stronger colours may mildly ‘stain’ the skin. This will either wear off or baby oil may be gently applied to the area (unless allergic) and removed with cotton wool or soft tissue.  Any face paint on clothing should wash out during a normal wash cycle with detergent.


  • Glitter-Arty cannot be held responsible for any staining that does not come out of any fabric.  Please consider this when asking to be painted.


  • Any guest or client with cold sores, conjunctivitis, open wounds or any apparent skin or eye sensitivity, infection or disease will not be painted for the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others.


  • Photographs often leave a lasting impression of a special moment. In booking us for an event we are implicitly given permission to photograph at that event unless otherwise stated. Your privacy is key and we pride ourselves on our discretion and in maintaining yours. If photographs of face-painted guests may be taken by our Artists,  we will request permission from a parent or guardian where the subject is a child. Photographs are intended for promotional use such as social media and website portfolios. We will not feature the names of those pictured. Of course, we respect your privacy and should you wish for us not to use your imagery on our social media platforms or marketing we respect your right to do so there is never any pressure.


  • Glitter-Arty will adhere to all applicable data protection laws and always stores data sent to us in a secure manner.

  • Glitter-Arty will not paint any imagery, symbolism or part of the body that is considered to be indecent or offensive. No abuse or threatening behaviour will be tolerated.

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