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Seeking summer festival glitter art inspiration?


Step into the wonderful world of Glitter-Arty where our talented glitter makeup artists have adorned countless faces at local and national festivals with our dazzling glitter artistry. Whether you're gearing up for a music festival, carnival, or themed party, our glitter face art creations are bespoke wonders, meticulously crafted to elevate the occasion and leave a lasting impression.


At Glitter-Arty, we believe in the power of personalisation. Our experienced artists take the time to understand your vision, whether it's a specific theme or individual preferences. Each stroke of our brush is infused with creativity and passion, resulting in stunning designs that reflect your unique style.

We understand that true beauty lies in the details, which is why each design is carefully tailored to flatter every skin tone, hair colour, and attire. Our artists have an innate flair for enhancing your natural features, creating looks that not only turn heads but also boost confidence.


Crafted with EU-approved cosmetic glitter, our creations guarantee top-quality sparkle and shimmering gems that lasts throughout the festivities. From intricate patterns to bold statements, our diverse range of designs ensures there's something for everyone. Whether you're drawn to classic elegance or bold avant-garde, Glitter-Arty delivers an unparalleled experience that ignites the imagination and captivates the senses.


Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday, hosting a corporate event, or simply want a touch of glamour, our glitter face art is sure to dazzle and delight."


Let start planning for your special event!

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