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glitter face art - festival makeup for sporting event

Glitter-Arty offers glitter face art services by exceptionally talented artists in London, Cambridge, Bedfordshire and the South East. Our glitter face art is perfect for any event, and we can create unique works of art in minutes. Our glitter makeup is inspired by the theme of the event or the individual guests, and we strive to create beautiful designs that will generate excitement. Our cosmetic glitter is a secret mix that has been assessed and approved to EU standards, so you can be sure you're getting the best quality product. Contact us today to book our glitter face art services for your next event!


For glitter lovers, Glitter-Arty provides an incredible glitter face art experience. Our glitter face art is a must-have for any event and adds that extra sparkle to your celebration. We use only the best quality glitter makeup and create unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. From festival glitter looks to exquisite works of art, we have something to suit every occasion.


​Each art work is unique, and is always inspired by the theme of the event, or is a reaction to the environment or individual guest we are adorning. We strive to create beautiful glitter art and inspirational festival glitter looks which are guaranteed to generate excitement. Not only is our cosmetic glitter a secret mix that has been assessed and approved to EU regulations, but our glitters also have the most insane sparkle, shimmer and staying power!


Our artists have the flair and talent to create bespoke designs that flatter each person according to their skin, hair, eye colourings, face shape, and attire 


Let start planning for your special event…

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