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Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Glitter-Arty has never looked more radiant as we launch our fabulous new website in 2023!

Dive into a visual feast, bursting with colour and a kaleidoscope of dazzling imagery, showcasing our distinctive and exquisite glitter face painting artistry.

And Wow! What a challenge it's been to remain true to our origins, but reflect a fresh new era. Excellence still underlies everything that we represent, as does kindness and integrity, and now the new Glitter-Arty website recognizes how we feel in this moment. Excited, enthused and exhilarated! Just a little bit more grown up, just a little bit more glamorous, not unlike our beautiful face artistry.

Face painting is unrecognizable from the children's face painting of our childhood. It's been incredible to witness such humble beginnings and be at the vanguard of a wonderful movement, surrounded by talented and imaginative artists. As an industry we should be all so proud of ourselves. We've turned face painting into an art form!

Adult face painting has reached heady and unforeseen heights. Once it was only the realms of festivals and Ibiza, where glitter face painting was considered as essential as the music. Now, no party, event, wedding or occasion is complete without a glitter bar and face painter. It's no longer just a sprinkle of glitter, it's exquisite art work and limitless embellishment.

Most of which is created in 3 - 4 minutes!! It never fails to astonish people just how quickly we can create such unique and truly artistic designs. In every case the design is instantaneous and inspired in THAT moment!

We are at the forefront of this movement and equipped with our experience in the fashion industry, we aim to keep the creativity flowing with updates in trends, colours and cosmetic glitters and of course reflect the need for sustainability and eco-glitter. We are delighted to bring our fresh & innovative artwork to every kind of occasion.

A glance through the Glitter-Arty website takes you on a wonderful visual journey through the numerous events and parties we've visited with our glitter bar and glam squad. We hope you enjoy a snap shot of our evolving glitter face painting journey. Meeting and painting the faces of so many guests , embellishing, delighting and having fun with such lovely people is by far the greatest part of what we do as is sharing peoples happiest moments and creating beautiful imagery and memories for them.

Booking a glitter bar has never been more fun! Glitter bars provide the flexibility of combining painted artistic drawing with glitter, gems and embellishments in any combination. The choice is limitless. Our designs are never repeated always beautiful and always bespoke!

There's never been a better time to raise your party game with a fabulous birthday party face painter, a stunning wedding glitter bar, or hen night glitter bar. No corporate event or promotional launch is complete without a luxury event glitter bar, glitter face art & face painting services.

We bring inimitable festival designs and glitter bar services to get your occasion, 'glasto - ready.' Or if Coachella or Ibiza is more your thing, really it's all our thing to! Can there ever be too much glitter at an event?You can inject any event with the Glitter-Arty party vibe!

With our hand made secret recipe gel, glorious glitter has never been more guilt free - eco friendly and with no mess, no wastage and absolutely NO FALLOUT, this spectacular, lasting glitter gel leaves behind only great art and great memories.

Glitter - Arty are proud to have been eco friendly for more than a decade.

So please, enjoy a browse, and see what we can do to elevate your event.

We would love to know what you think about our new website, get in touch.

The Glitter-Arty Team x




Feb 16, 2023

Wow. Fabulous, vibrant and exciting offer. Could use a Number of your services. Such creative and refreshing looks ! Congratulations ! Jilly


Feb 15, 2023

This looks absolutely stunning!!! I have an upcoming major event and this would be perfect to add that extra sparkle to the night! I will DM you. Thanks for such a fabulous idea!

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