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Witness the Eco Glitter Bar Explosion at Cambridge May Balls & Alumni Summer Parties

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Glitter-Arty has an incendiary effect as our Eco Glitter Bar explodes across the Cambridge May Ball Scene!

The Cambridge May Ball season is back with a bang, as a very necessary post covid eruption of celebratory excess continues to be released.

Teams of Glitter-Arty’s talented glitter artists are despatched, like face painting agents, across the city to inject these spectacular events with an extra Va Va Voom and with our glam squad transform, an already sensational crowd, to indecently glamourous heights!

Thoughts of Newton, Turing and Hawking are momentarily dimmed and turn instead to emulate Cambridge’s more glittering alumni, Lily Cole, Naomie Harris and Tom Hiddleston to name but a few, because – hell yes, you can be fabulous and outrageously intelligent!

Never far from the centre of everything, our glorious glitter bar travels in the wake of such notorious success and elevates every reveller with a sprinkling of shared kudos. Glitter (Eco-friendly OF COURSE!) has that effect on people. Our EU cosmetic-compliant glitter creme is handmade from our secret recipe. It’s hypoallergenic, so suitable for most skins, and has absolutely NO fallout - Really!

It won’t go on your outfit, your venue and most importantly into the environment.

‘’There is something about glitter and it makes people very, very excited!’’

A Cambridge May Ball is after all, unashamedly, unapologetically about fun!

Delivering spectacular glitter bars at these bigger, better events creates some of the most extravagant fun on an epic scale, all crammed into a series of days and hedonistic nights in one of the world’s most famous and beautiful cities.

Shrugging off the cloak of academia for one night, you might step out in your Jimmy Choos, or more likely a cracking Zara copy, but you may not come home in them. They keep telling you not to jump in The Cam, but you will keep doing it!

Please don’t, please think about all the effort that’s gone into making you look this good. It’s not just about hyperthermia and the fish! The only thing you should be jumping into is an excess of our eco–friendly glitter.

And let’s face it. Getting ready is half the fun. Oh! The anticipation! The outfit, that dress, so important, so carefully chosen, the waxing, bleaching, tweaking, the relentless search for the perfect version of yourself.

Our job is so often nearly done! A quick google of ‘How to create Festival Makeup,’ is no longer unique to festival events. The fantasy element of the glitter face painting we create for festival-themed events and actually at festivals has transformed make-up as we know it.

Our exquisite creations take just 3 to 4 minutes. Astonishment at such high-speed artwork always generates so much excitement that it’s practically a form of performance art.

As a fixture on the Cambridge May Ball circuit, we’ve been in the privileged position of face painting, embellishing and decorating some of the most remarkable people in the land, in some of the most compellingly beautiful settings. The Colleges of Trinity, Jesus, Queens, Downing and numerous others, have invited us to create beautiful glitter face painting for the students, professors, their friends, families, colleagues and alumni and to dazzle them with our fabulous and unique artwork.

Don’t think such stunning creation is just for students. Glitter-Arty is a unique event addition, transcending age, gender and any other limitation you care to apply. Glitter face painting is limitless and has the happy task of stimulating excitement and fun for everyone. Glitter face painting is truly universal entertainment.

If you take a short walk across Midsummer Common, you will notice the ground is practically trembling with anticipation at the heady excess and beautifully extravagant, decadence to come. A reward for all the hard work past and present.

Our glitter agents are waiting to dispense glorious glitter all over those lucky enough to grace this opulent setting. And if there is one thing you do not need to teach the brightest minds in our country - it’s how to party!

We can’t wait to see you there.

The Glitter-Arty Team.



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