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Do you do Gems? Wedding Glitter Bar Essentials

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Why a Wedding Glitter Bar is almost as essential as that beautiful rock on your finger. (…and yes, we do, do gems, and yes, go on, we can do Spider-Man!) But, Oh! We do soo much more.

Wedding glitter bars conjure up dreams of Glastonbury cool, hipster hangouts and Ibiza beach weddings. As the sun begins to set on your big day and the lights come up on that brilliantly, eclectic mix of guests, a glitter bar is the effortless mingling glue that stimulates the electric energy for unique wedding entertainment to remember.

Skipping squarely into the post-speech lull, as shoes are slipped off and toes are secretly stretched under the table in anticipation of throwing a few shapes on the dance floor later, our glitter agents step mysteriously into the space and BAM this wedding party is on fire!

Glitter face painting does that to a place. We’re talking about our own super eco-friendly glitter gel here of course. None of that dress-destroying, carpet-ruining, make-up-trashing, globe-destroying glitter, slung at your face and ALL over the place! Heck No! This is glorious glitter artistry at its absolute finest. Exquisite, bespoke face painting that makes everyone look and feel just incredible.

And by everyone, I mean everyone! If you thought your ancient great uncle didn’t know how to party, like a twenty-something, then be prepared to watch the galvanising effect glitter face painting has on his octogenarian limbs.

You see Festival Make-up is the adult equivalent of dressing up. And you don’t even need a costume. It’s not childish or unsophisticated, if anything it’s ultra-sophisticated. If you want your wedding party to ‘Chic Out’ then Glitter-Arty takes glamour wedding potential to a legendary level. It’s the lightning blast of energy that gets the party started.

You see, it’s just fun! Tremendous fun!

Weddings are some of the greatest celebrations and biggest parties we will ever get to throw. Where everyone we love from every part of our lives comes together and celebrates us and most importantly is with us.

Creating those memories that will last a lifetime is the culmination of military-like planning. The Herculean effort of wedding planning, the pressure, the nervous energy; that expectation of creating a day like no other, all collide in a whirl of carefully curated moments. Wonderful moments to look back on and treasure forever.

Hiring a wedding glitter bar is more than just dressing or simply children’s entertainment. It’s a beacon to all the funsters in the room, it’s the freedom to let your hair down, abandon awkwardness and relax into the evening, it’s a magical matter that will quite literally dazzle your guests, generating excitement, energy and sparkling joy!

And just when you thought you couldn’t look any better, suddenly you do. And so do all your friends and family! And they can’t stop taking pictures of themselves and each other. The Gram goes wild in salute to your perfect day!

Our wedding glam squad turns every picture into a work of art. That background in cutting-edge fashion design can’t help but seep its way into every brush stroke, elevating your celebration into ❤ heaven.

It’s more than just a momentary effect. Photos will last a lifetime. When everyone gets to remember how incredible you looked and what a great time they had and then years later you look back and see what brilliant friends you have, how much fun you can have with your family and how delighted you were to marry that person of your dreams!

That’s what it’s all about after all wish fulfilment. At the end of the night, we disappear like smoke, our glitter agents work is done and leave the revellers to rock on.

So, yes, we can do gems, we will happily paint a forest of fairies or a universe of galactic superheroes, but our exceptional talent lies in creating beautiful unique wedding face artistry inspired by your dreams and re-imagined for every guest. We make every person discover their own star-like quality to take away the memory of a truly remarkable day - your wedding Day!



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