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Summer with Aperol Brand Activation Events: Glitter Makeup & Aperidisco Vibes!

Face Painting for Aperol's Brand activation at Battersea Power Station

As the sun beamed down on the city of London, our glitter artists found themselves embarking on a vibrant orange-hued summer adventure with Aperol, one of the most iconic brands synonymous with summer enjoyment for their brand activation events!

Glitter face painter for Aperol's activation event

It all started at the illustrious Battersea Power Station, where we had the honour of being part of Aperol's Aperidisco team - the lovely task of adorning Aperol lovers with glitter makeup and vibrant adult face painting. The conjunction of the glorious weather and the contagious Aperol Aperidisco vibes set the stage for an extraordinary experience.

Imagine a place where everyone is effortlessly cool, just enjoying life, and spreading positivity. That was Battersea Power Station vibes on those beautiful summer days.

Aperol had created an atmosphere that exuded relaxation and enjoyment, and our glitter booth fit right in. Throughout those wonderful days, we had the pleasure of adding a touch of sparkle to the attendees, turning their ordinary days into extraordinary memories.

Glitter-Arty face painting at British Summer Time Hyde Park  for Aperol

The journey didn't stop there; it was just the beginning of our glittering summer. We packed our glitter and moved to the iconic British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park. For a period of 10 glorious days, we transformed faces into works of art. Our glitter artists worked their magic, crafting bespoke adult face art that left festival-goers feeling like the stars of the show.

But the Aperol adventure had more in store for us. Our next destination was equally thrilling—the famous Kendal Calling festival in the breathtaking Lake District. The talented team of We Are Amplify, the event agency behind the scenes of these amazing events, were the true stars of the show! Despite the typical British temperamental weather, mud and rain, the Aperol stand remained the ultimate attraction at Kendal Calling.

Kendal Calling was an absolute dream, with Aperol's signature Aperidisco DJs, an enthusiastic crowd, and us, the glitter crew, adding our unique sparkle to the mix.

Kendal Calling was one of those experiences that stay with you, where you feel a part of something bigger and incredibly special. Being surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the Lake District while adding glittering touches to festival-goers' faces was a memory we'll cherish forever.

And then came the grand finale, our last stop on the Aperol summer adventure - John Lewis' rooftop Willows on the Roof. This place is truly an Aperol paradise, with warm, inviting orange hues and a laid-back family-friendly atmosphere. It was the perfect setting for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. Families and friends gathered, enjoying the tranquil ambience, and we were there, sprinkling a bit of extra joy with our glitter art.

The summer with Aperol was more than just glitter and good vibes; it was about celebrating life, creating memorable moments, and embracing the spirit of summer. Our journey took us from the heart of London to the serene landscapes of the Lake District, and everywhere in between, we found smiles, laughter, and the magic of glitter.

As we look back on this incredible adventure, we're grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Aperol's summer story. We can't wait to see where our next adventure takes us, but one thing is for sure: it'll be filled with glitter, positivity, and unforgettable experiences.

Aperol Aperidisco at Battersea Power Station



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