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"There is just something about glitter artistry and it makes people very, very excited!"

Glitter-Arty executes breathtaking glitter face artistry and body art services that will captivate and astonish your guests!  Create unforgettable media moments and generate lasting memories for years to come.

When it comes to adding excitement and energy to any event, few things can rival the immersive experience of glitter artistry and face painting - sure to dazzle, engage and entertain guests of all ages.


From inception to completion, our world-leading artists will aim to exceed your expectations with impeccable, seamless professionalism, that will make every guest feel treasured - a testament echoed by our satisfied clients.


Crafting stunning designs inspired by a diverse array of themes, ranging from whimsical florals to vibrant festival aesthetics, our artists possess an acute understanding of artistic expression ensuring each design perfectly captures the essence of your event, leaving guests mesmerised by the beauty and creativity on display – Each design created in a matter of minutes!

With sustainability at our core, our beautifully presented Glitter Stations are packed with the highest quality eco-friendly and biodegradable materials available - whether it’s a light dusting of glitter or bold, statement looks, we can create exquisite possibilities limited only by your imagination that perfectly suit your event.


​From brand activations to anniversary parties, product launches to proms, every kind of corporate event and every wedding, festival, children’s and staff party in between - Glitter-Arty would be delighted to discuss how our expert face painters will deliver perfectly curated, bespoke glitter artistry, fantastic fun and memories to be cherished at your next event.

Let's get planning!

What Clients Say

“We used Glitter-Arty for a very special launch event and were amazed by the results!
The team curated a selection of designs to specifically tie into the key themes of our event. The team were so polite, efficient and managed to create designs in an impressively quick time!”

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 • London - All areas covered 

• Hertfordshire

• Bedfordshire

• Cambridgeshire

• Buckinghamshire

• Northamptonshire 

• South East England

For larger gatherings, we extend our reach and capabilities to encompass the entirety of the UK, offering comprehensive coverage and support wherever your event may be held.



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Partners in Success: Our Proud Client Collaborations


Learn more about our face painting & body art services below!

Q: What Other Services Do You Offer Besides Face Painting?

A: In addition to our renowned face painting services, we offer a diverse array of artistic adornments and can facilitate all of your creative needs to take your event and elevate it to the next level. Our talented team includes: -Henna Art: Explore the exquisite artistry of Henna - our artists create stunning, intricate designs that add a touch of elegance and fun to any occasion. -Airbrush Artists: Watch in awe as our skilled airbrush artists create spectacular faux tattoo designs on almost any part of the body that can last for up to 10 days. The most incredible way to never regret that impulse for body artwork! If your event requires personalised branding designs, get in touch for a chat. -Glitter Tattoos: Add a touch of sparkle and fun to your event with our dazzling glitter tattoos, available in a variety of designs and colours. -Children's Face Painting: Delight the little ones with our vibrant and playful face painting designs, guaranteed to bring smiles to their faces. -Festival Glitter Make Up - Do we do Gems? DEFINITELY! Our most widely requested art form and the most dazzling and exciting festival-inspired glitter make-up. Perfect to bring Festival vibes to any and every occasion for incredible insta-worthy face painting. Check out our Festival page for inspiration. With our comprehensive range of face and body art services, we're dedicated to bringing your vision to life and ensuring that every guest leaves your event feeling truly dazzled and delighted.

Q: Do you have Public Liability Insurance & Risk assessment, COSHH assessments?

A: Absolutely, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our clients and their guests. We carry Public Liability Insurance coverage up to £5 million and have meticulously conducted Risk assessments and COSHH assessments. These assessments ensure that our services adhere to the highest safety standards and mitigate any potential risks. Upon confirming your booking with us, we will promptly provide you with all the relevant documentation, including our insurance details and assessment reports. Furthermore, we understand the importance of transparency and peace of mind when it comes to the products we use. That's why we have prepared a printable file that lists out all the ingredients contained in our face paints, glitters, and makeup. This list allows your guests / parents to check beforehand for any potential allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for your guests, for you and for us. We’ve got it covered! Contact us if you have any concerns, we’re more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Q: How Many People Can You Adorn Per Hour?

A: For any sized event, we can provide as many artists as are necessary to keep up with the expected demand, of which there is no limit. Our approach to glitter face painting is both efficient and dazzling! Typically, we can complete an average event-based glitter face painting design in approximately 4 minutes per person. However, if you prefer more detailed and intricate designs, we can dedicate up to 10 minutes per guest. On average, 1 artist can create 15 designs per hour, ensuring each guest receives personalised attention and a stunning glitter masterpiece. For those seeking a small but perfectly formed option, we can create 18 super-quality, small designs in just 1-2 minutes for a quick blitz of sparkle. Rest assured, whether it's a detailed design or a speedy creation, each design packs a punch with vibrant colours and shimmering glitters. And remember, this applies to both adult and children's designs, ensuring that everyone at your event can enjoy the glittery fun! Every event is curated individually to finely tune your event ambitions. Please get in touch to discuss your numbers.

Q: What Is Your Minimum Booking Period for Your Face Painting & Body Art Services?

A: Our minimum booking period for face painting and body art services is 2 hours. This ensures that we have enough time to create stunning designs for your guests and make your event truly memorable!

Q: Finding a Face Painter Near Me - What Locations Do You Cover?

A: Glitter-Arty is based in London but boasts top-tier artists located throughout the UK. Whether you’re in London or beyond, we’d be delighted to bring our dedicated team of talented glitter artists to deliver the sparkle at your event. Our local coverage extends to: •London: All areas covered •Hertfordshire •Bedfordshire •Cambridgeshire •Buckinghamshire •Northamptonshire •South East England For larger gatherings, we extend our reach and capabilities to encompass the entirety of the UK, offering comprehensive coverage and support wherever your event may be held. So, no matter where you are in the country, Glitter Arty can provide artists to meet your event demands. If you’ve got some great plans, let's talk about them!

Q: Are Your Glitters Environmentally Friendly?

A: Yes, our glitters are environmentally friendly and adhere to sustainable practices. We prioritise sustainability by using a combination of biodegradable and eco-friendly glitters, ensuring that our products are both dazzling and environmentally responsible. Additionally, we prioritise minimising glitter fallout by avoiding the use of loose glitter pigments whenever possible. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our service, allowing us to provide not only stunning designs but also peace of mind for our clients and the planet. We take your environmental concerns seriously. Any questions – get in touch.

Q: Do You Offer Roaming / Walkabout Face Painting?

A: Yes, we do offer roaming or walkabout face painting services. This option is particularly suitable for events where guests are seated, such as formal dinners or networking events. Our roaming face painters move among the guests, providing entertainment and artistic flair wherever they go. It's a fantastic way to add an interactive element to your event and ensure that everyone has the chance to enjoy our face painting services.

Q: What is a Glitter Bar?

A: A Glitter Bar is known by many names – Glitter Bar, Glitter Station, Glow-up Station, Festival Glitter Bar, Wedding Glitter Bar, Shine Shack… the list is endless! Whether it’s a sultry, cool Coachella vibe or a maximalist Ibiza Zoo Project-inspired look, our glitter artists can create endless personalised designs. Teeming with sumptuous colours, glorious glitters, gems, feathers, and illustrious adornments of every kind, our glitter bar is beautifully laid out and ready to fulfil every festival glitter makeup design you’ve ever dreamed of! From our classic festival glitter eye designs to glitter beards and gem mania, our glitter bar is guaranteed to make a dazzling contribution to any event. How can our talented team bring the sparkle to your next event? Contact us to find out!

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